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Upcoming Projects

Household Of Three

Jacob, Oliver and Charli, are from vastly different worlds. Jacob has lived his whole life barely above the poverty line in middle America, while Oliver & Charli have made their way through Ivy League institutions, on the east coast. But, they all share the same dream, to escape the life society has chosen for them. Through a chance encounter they met on the road and have decided to travel together across the United States, on a law breaking vacation, falling more in love with every mile logged. Despite their growing love, they are forced to reckon with the nature of secrets and define whether their past need define their future. They are faced with the hard truth that youthful abandon is not without consequence.



Blood Will Have Blood, is a psychological thriller, made during in Los Angeles, during the 'Safer at Home' order. Written by Meg Swertlow and Co-Directed by Miles Szanto and Meg from separate locations. Shot entirely by the lead actor, Blood Will Have Blood, is a wild and bloody ride.

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